My name is Amanda Lehrman. In 2000, I graduated from University at Buffalo with a B.S. in Business Administration and worked in the advertising and online marketing field.  After two years, I attended Fordham University and received an M.S.T in Elementary Education. For the first four years of my teaching career, I taught a first grade gifted and talented class at PS 166 in Manhattan. Throughout these four years, I worked with the Accelerated Literacy Learning program as well as Teachers College Reading and Writing projects. I used the Chicago Math program with my students and formally assessed them with E-CLAS and E-CLAS 2. In addition, I taught Astronomy in an after-school program. In my fifth year of teaching, I joined the staff of Forest Road Elementary School in Long Island as a Kindergarten teacher. While teaching Kindergarten, I implemented the Fundations literacy program and participated in a district-wide English Language Arts Club to develop a balanced literacy writing curriculum.

After 5 years of classroom teaching I chose to expand my educational career and became a curriculum consultant for Kaplan K12 Learning Services. I trained teachers on the use and implementation of several Kaplan intervention programs, including SpellRead. I worked with students to accomplish a specific goal of raising student reading and comprehension levels. As a team member of Catapult Learning, I planned professional development for schools in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  I designed programs appropriate with Title 1, Title IIA, ARRA and IDEA guidelines and funding.

All of these opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom have inspired me to continue to educate students and share my thirst and passion for knowledge with schools, families and day-care providers.  As an educator and mother, I believe anyone can enhance a child’s education by doing simple, engaging activities that will instill a love of learning that lasts forever.

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